“In a content-saturated world where ideas compete for attention, a visual representation of a meeting, project, business or idea may be more effective than reams of text.” writes Ian Sanders on a recent Financial Times article, “The simple power of the doodle”. The merits of visual note taking are many, ranging from capturing thoughts to catching attention and enhancing textual and verbal information.
Doodles are drawings and sketches which we create while occupied in other activities like listening (or daydreaming).
The aim here is not to create any piece of art but to clear and clarify thoughts. If you haven’t got artistic talent, it is no issue: you will still find helpfuld doodling your thoughts as a visual note taking exercise or for problem solving.
Do you think doodling is not serious business? Sunni Brown, author of best-selling book Gamestorming, may disagree with you. She defines herself as the ‘Leader of the Doodle Revolution’. Such a serious that it is starting to be used even in church!

The word doodle is also used to identify Google’s daily modifications of the logo: if you missed an interesting one, you can look uo the Google doodles finder.
But do not get confused with the online service for organizing events no doodling on that website.

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