Our research at the Academy of Management Meeting 2015

I’m very honored to have all my 3 papers accepted at the next Academy of Management meeting in Vancouver this August 2015!

The first paper is: “Intercultural Groups and Visual Collaborative Systems: Increasing Structuring to Improve Precision.” written in collaboration with Alice Comi of Aalto University, Finland. In this paper we present the results of an experiment in which groups of 5 managers from different nationalities worked together. Our results show, as predicted, that when a digital visual template is provided, both nationally homogeneous and nationally diverse groups perform better than when no visual support if provided.

The second paper is “The Effect of System-embedded Visual Restrictiveness on Experience Sharing.” co authored with Alexander, E., and Eppler, M. J. has been selected as best paper and will be included in the conference proceedings. The study examines the effects of visual restrictiveness on group process and outcome and finds that a medium level of visual restrictiveness leads to significantly better performances compared to no support or to a highly restrictive system.

The third paper is “A Visual Re-Play Methodology for Group Discussion Analysis.” co-authored with Elitsa Alexandered and Martin Eppler, reports an innovative mixed methods methodology for the analysis on group discussion through the replay of screen captures.

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