Vargas Llosa @ Uni St. Gallen

Mario Vargas Llosa, literature nobel prize laureate 2010, gave a public  lecture at the University of St. Gallen on Sept 21st, organized by prof. Yvette Sanchez. The Peruvian ambassador (see the picture below) opened the talk with provocative statements, citing the very first lines of the author’s book “Conversation in the Cathedral”, explaining how Vargas Llosa’s writings influenced his perception of Peru and of the need of change for the country. He was followed by a speech of the ambassador of Spain, as “don Mario” is also a Spanish citizen.
His talk addressed the relationship between history and literature, and the search for truth. Answering questions from the public he explained his take on what is truth, based on Karl Popper view.
My favourite quote: for clear writing you need a clear mind.

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