Do Visualizations Foster Experience Sharing and Retention in Groups?

Bresciani S., Eppler M. (2008) Do Visualizations Foster Experience Sharing and Retention in Groups? Towards an Experimental Validation. Proceedings of I-KNOW 08, J.UCS, Graz, Austria.

Abstract: In recent years the visualization of knowledge has been gaining wider attention:
visualization is said to enhance human capabilities for knowledge intense activities such as
decision making and strategic thinking. However this is a recent field and still widely
unexplored. Thus far, the advantages of knowledge visualization have been investigated mainly
through anecdotal evidence and qualitative studies. In this paper we propose an experimental
approach to further comprehend the role of visualization in fostering knowledge sharing. We
plan to compare the elicitation and collaboration processes of groups who are provided (1) with
an optimal visual support, (2) with a non appropriate visual support, and (3) without any
visualization. The goal of our research is to apply the experimental approach – widely used in
studying GDSS (Group Decision Support System) but seldom used in knowledge management
– to shed light on the role of visualization for knowledge intensive tasks in groups.

Keywords: knowledge visualization, collaborative visualization, knowledge work, knowledge
sharing, experiment, collaborative dimensions

Categories: H.4.3, H.5.3, J.5, M.0

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