Visual Metaphors in Intercultural Context

December 11, 2014

Today I’ll be giving a guest lecture on “Visualization & Visual Metaphors in Intercultural Context” in the Management Atlas master course at the University of St. Gallen. Here you cna find the presentation:


Presentation link:

The references for this lecture are:

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Social Entrepreneurship: A Visual Approach – MBA course at Universidad del Pacifico

November 14, 2014

This is the presentation for the MBA couse “Social Entrepreneurship: A Visual Approach” which will take place at Universidad del Pacifico (Lima, Peru) next week.

social entrepreneurship a visual approach bresciani

PDF printable version

In this action-oriented course, participants will have the chance to experience visual tools to develop their own entrepreneurial ideas. The seminar proposes a novel visual approach to understand the core concepts and building blocks of Social Entrepreneurship and to simulate the development of a social project plan. In each module, participants will firstly be exposed to the main concepts and findings related to the SE topic, also through the discussion of mini-cases. Next, they will apply the concepts by practicing using the related visual tools to develop a social entrepreneurial project in group.

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Suggested  readings:
Burket I. (2012) Using the Business Model Canvas for Social Enterprise Design. Knode.
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Our cross-cultural research is forthcoming in the journal Frontiers of Business Research in China

September 5, 2014

We are very glad that our cross-cultural research will be published in the journal “Frontiers of Business Research in China” (Vol. 8, issue 4). The article I wrote with Prof. Ge and N. Yaru, of the Central University of Finance and Economics, is titled “Improving Attitude toward Corporate Strategy with Visual Mapping: Scale Development and Application in Europe and China”.

In this paper we developed a scale of attitude toward a corporate strategy which is suitable both in Europe and in China. In fact we have testes all the questions of our newly developed scale in both countries. We have then used the scale to test the effect of a visual representation of a business strategy (compared to a classic textual description) in China and Europe. We found that when content is presented with both text and visual representations (together), people have a more positive attitute toward it. This effect is stronger in Europe, than in China.


Visual Resumes and Visual Portfolios

August 31, 2014

When I teach Visual Literacy for Management, or similar courses, I often give students the task to create their visual resume. Why? Managers are often too busy to read all the details of a resume, and anyway most CVs look very much alike. A visual resume is a great tool to stand out of the crowd and to really enphasize what makes you unique.

I just got the first book on the topic “The infographic Resume” by Hannah Morgan. It’s a much needed book and nicely structured. There are some good examples too.

As a result of the assignments, some of my students have come up with really beautiful examples of visual resumes! Have a look:



The art of motivation in China – a visual guide

July 28, 2014

The students of my course “Global Management Communication”, held in Beijing (China) came up with really interesting visualization on the topic of motivation in an organizational context. Here are some of their insightful drawings:




I didn’t report the names for privacy issues – the drawing were all made by the Central University of Finance and Economics’ students of the 2014 edition of the Summer Program.

What I found particularly intresting in these drawings – in addition to the great sketching skills! – is the emphasis on the “type” of person who should be motivated (age/gender/status)… an aspect that most of our Western theories neglect!


Best Paper award – Frontiers of Business Research in China International Symposium

July 14, 2014

We are very honored to receive the Best Paper award from the Frontiers of Business Research in China International Symposium 2014!


Bresciani, S., Ge, J. & Niu, Y. (2014) Improving Attitude toward Corporate Strategy with Visual Mapping: Scale Development and Application in Europe and China, Frontiers of Business Research in China International Symposium On Business Administration in the Changing Environment, June 23-24, 2014- Beijing, China.

Global Management Communication course at CUFE, Beijing

July 9, 2014

We are ready to start the Global Management Communication course at the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing!

Here is the presentation of the course: prezi

and the syllabus: syllabus Global Management Communication 2014


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