Doing Business in India by prof. Shainesh

April 12, 2014


Prof. Shainesh of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore just gave a great course on Doing Business in India at the Unviersity of St. Gallen.

Congratulations to prof. Shiamesh for winning the second prize in the GlobaLens’ 2014 Next Billion Case Competition with his case “Narayana Nethralaya: Expanding Affordable Eye Care” which is about an Indian social entrepreneur applying an innovative business model based on the latest mobile technologies for providing healthcare (also) to the poorest.


HBS map of sustainability programs

March 20, 2014

Harvard Business Review editor Julia Kirby explains in this video the “materiality matrix” that UPS uses to sort and rank sustainability programs, contrasting the importance of sustainability issues for companies and for the public.



Entrepreneurship infographics

March 14, 2014

The website Founders and Founders has some cool infographics, arranged in their pinterest-like interface. A great example of the use of visual social media for crafting clear and viral messages. If you plan to be an entrepreneur, have a look!
This infographic has over 6000 likes:


Pinterest seminar

March 11, 2014

A great seminar on Pinterest was recently organized at the University of St. Gallen. It was organized by Prof. Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva and guest spakers included Sandrine Roditscheff of Namics AG, Petra Hütter of Swarovski and Katrin Schmitt of Schweiz Tourismus.

The speakers illustrate how an organization can use this popular Visual social network, not only to display their products, but also to develop commutities and offer customer service within Pinterest. Research on this topic is really cutting edge, as Pinterest is online only since 2010.

What is unique about Pinterest? Most of the users are Women, about 80% of the total users, and it is a completely visual social network, where you can pin up your favourite images you find around the web or from the boards of other users. It’s a website where people post their dreams and aspirations.


When should we use which type of graph?

March 11, 2014

Beyond bar charts and pie charts, how can we visualize data? Which is the best type of graph or information visualization technique?
It depends on the data and the purpose: here’s some general categories and tools:



Information and Knowledge Visualization for business applications presentation

February 19, 2014


The presentation and the material for the “Information and Knowledge Visualization for Business Applications” master course, at the University of St. Gallen, is available:


Visual insights on the recent vote against massive immigration in Switzerland

February 13, 2014


Last sunday Feburary 9th, Swiss people were asked to vote “against mass immigration. Some people have advanced the hypothesis that Cantons in which there is a high percentage of immigrants, they would vote in support of developing laws to prevent mass immigration. This graph seems to show quite the oppoisite!

Beside the exception of Ticino, cantons which have high immigration rates, such as Geneva, Basel, Valais and Neuchatel voted against the implementation of laws to prevent mass immigration. On the contrary, in Cantons with low immigration rates, such as Schwyz and Appenzell Innerrhoden (which was also the last Canton to grant women the vote in 1991!) up to 65% of the population voted to develop measures to block mass immigration.
Are you surprised? Actually numerous studies show that the people are afraid of what they don’t know… so the more contacts and exposures you have with foreigners, the more you appreciate them.



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